Von Vertrag zu callya wechseln vodafone

I have a Vodafone CallYa prepaid SIM & it was roaming unitl very soon but now it is diconnected & I can not even recharge it by the internet how can I restore the SIM & recharge it from the internetSIM details:70 5085 0538229 1 g 0162+491627270326 If you have two active prepaid numbers in your name and want to disconnect one of them , in some cases you may be able to transfer the unused credit to the active service. To request a transfer of credit, give us call us on 1555 from your Vodafone phone or 1300 650 410 from any phone. Your SIM needs to be registered, before it connects to the network. Registration is made online here by entering your personal data. Verification is through Online ID of WebID every day 7am-11pm over a video chat or PostIdent in post offices. It`s only available for about 120 countries so far. Better check their list at „Welche Ausweisdokumente sind erlaubt“ in their FAQ when you come from an unusual country as there is no other way to register. I want to move my callya Vodafone number to O2 and I don’t know how I have one of these callya fun sim card which was supposed to have a 15 Euro credit attached to it. I do not know why but I immediately got a message saying that I am down to 1 euro. Am I missing something? furthermore, I have 200mb of data which dropped down to less than 100 mb after 2 days of very light usage… how to I top it up? Select menu 3 from the CallYa help line to speak to a customer service agent. Most of them speak English. Hello Ben, Just noticed that there is a fee for this.

And it is 29.95 Euros. How should I pay this money? I found a similar form on vodafone internet and in that form I notice the following lines: Ich möchte die oben genannte CallYa-Rufnummer zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt zu einem anderen Anbieter von Telekommunikationsdienstleistungen mitnehmen. Ich verzichte gegenüber Vodafone auf die Bereitstellung von CallYa-Dienstleistungen ab der erfolgreichen Portierung der Rufnummer zum neuen Anbieter und bin damit einverstanden, dass der dieser Rufnummer zugrundeliegende CallYa-Vertrag zum selben Zeitpunkt endet. Sie können Ihre CallYa-Rufnummer nur unter diesen Voraussetzungen mitnehmen: • Die oben eingetragenen Daten müssen exakt mit den bei uns registrierten Daten übereinstimmen. • Es darf für die oben genannte Rufnummer kein Wechsel in einen Vodafone-Vertrag mit Mindestlaufzeit beauftragt sein. • Die Rufnummern-Mitnahme berechnen wir mit 29,95 Euro.