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While planning conditions can be imposed to control progressive development, without a Section 38 adoption agreement, LHAs may find themselves powerless to intervene if a developer is still acting to encourage or force the completion of a road. The agreement covers the adoption and implementation of the action plan for ecologically sound management of the common Zambezi river system. The plan is approved by the Council of Ministers of the Coordination Conference for the Coordination of Southern African Development. The Sambesi Action Plan (ZACPLAN) aims to promote the development and implementation of environmentally friendly water resource management throughout the river system and to overcome the following problems: (a) soil erosion and water protection; b) deforestation; (c) lack of safe drinking water and adequate sanitation; (d) inadequate watershed planning; (e) inadequate coordination at both national and river levels; (f) the deterioration of flora and fauna; (g) the exploitation of wetlands; (h) insufficient dissemination of information to the public. The first task is to carry out a robust and reliable assessment of water resources, which, after evaluation, will serve as the basis for environmentally friendly management and development decisions. The main elements of the overall action plan are: environmental impact assessment; Environmental management Environmental law Support measures. Section III sets out priorities for the implementation of the agreement for the period 1987-1989. Appendix I of the agreement is supplemented by the following annexes: Program categories for the Zambezi Action Plan (which covers the projects of the Zambezi Action Plan (ZACPRO) for the period 1987-1989 (I); The proposed sources of funding for the implementation of the Zambezi Action Plan (II) phase; contributions related to the common costs of ZACPLAN (III); Work plan and schedule (1987-1989). Appendix II concerns institutional and financial arrangements presented as a possible option in the implementation of Zambezi`s action plan for information and supplemented by two annexes: communications (I); and mandate for the management of the Zambezi River Watershed Trust Fund.

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